The advantages for you

For those already dealing in Italian products

Choosing Italian Food Exporter means having a single point of reference for a huge range of Italian products, thus avoiding the complications involved in dealing with multiple suppliers.
Choosing Italian Food Exporter means having the option of buying more Italian products in smaller quantities taking advantage of our own organised groupage.
Choosing Italian Food Exporter means having a single expert contact for managing Italian food products, temperature controlled and otherwise, capable of helping you in all business phases, from product selection and transport through to analysis of annual results.
Choosing Italian Food Exporter means having an expert in Italian food capable of orienting and advising you within the vast range of Italian products.


For those not yet dealing in Italian products 

Italian food is known throughout the world for its quality, both in terms of food safety and genuine taste. Food safety is guaranteed by Italian regulations that are among the most stringent in the world their field. Genuine taste on the other hand is guaranteed by the age-old traditions developed by our food ‘artisans’ down through the centuries. All of this means that having Italian food in your range will allow you to gain prestige in the eyes of your customers.  


Italian Food Exporter

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41122 MODENA (MO) Italy

Tel: +39 059 315969

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