Spagnoli Logistica, the food product wholesaler, was set up with the goal of becoming the privileged partner in Italy of companies operating in the large retail chain and HoReCa trade channels for supply of both basic staples and niche products. Through the years the company has demonstrated an ability to establish and develop profitable business relations with client companies who are leaders the Italian retail chain and HoReCa channels. It has achieved this on the one hand by increasing the number of food products in its range to make it ever more comprehensive, and on the other hand by constantly improving service, ensuring precision and reliability in managing orders and deliveries.
Its decades-long experience in food distribution in Italy is complemented by the activities of Italian Food Exporter, which manages exports of Italian food worldwide.

Italian Food Exporter

Via Cassiani 177/A

41122 MODENA (MO) Italy

Tel: +39 059 315969

Fax: +39 059 315314


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